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13237675_s A few years ago, my wife, Maggie, and I decided to move to Jacksonville after living in Chicago for several years. We met at the University of Chicago. She was in my microeconomics class. I sat in the back of the class, and she sat in the front of the class. She took notes, and I doodled. The teacher one day called on me and asked me to answer a question. A question he knew I couldn’t answer. He walked up to my desk and grabbed my notebook to see if I had taken any notes, but instead he saw my drawing of Maggie sitting at the front of the class with her hair swept to her left, her legs stretched and her ankles crossed. The professor just set the notebook back down and told me to meet him after class.

38163347_sOnce class was over, he sat me down and told me that the only reason he didn’t say anything was because I was top of the class in terms of exam grades. “So, it’s Ms. Granger that’s caught your attention more than my lecture?” he asked. I nodded half-heartedly. He told me that I was to sit next to her every day from now on out. I was shocked, but I didn’t argue with him. I sat next to her for the rest of the semester and we spoke more and more every day. It started off with “Hello” and became a relationship by the end of the semester. My last day of class, an exam day, I was first to finish my exam. I thanked my professor as I handed him my exam, he winked and smiled at me. And that was it.

42121923_sI told Maggie the story on our two-year anniversary when I gave her the drawing. I proposed to her that night and she told me that she was pregnant with our baby boy, Charles, named after our professor. Once Charles was born, Maggie’s mom and sister would take care of him while we were at school or work. We finished our degrees a year later and I got a really great job offer to move to Jacksonville. And Maggie insisted on getting camera surveillance and security systems installed in our first home. So, we contacted SAFE Inc. and they did a wonderful job installing everything plus testing and inspecting our fire alarm system. Maggie decided to take a year off to take care of Charles and to adjust to the new area. And we are expecting our second child in December. Charles is going to have a baby sister.

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