Giving Your Hotel An Upgrade

31355406_sI started off as a hotel concierge. It was my first job out of high school and I used the money to put myself through college. My mother couldn’t afford to help me pay for my college because she had debts of her own to cover. And I, unfortunately, had to take out student loans to cover my tuition. Thankfully, I was still able to live with my parents in Binghamton while I attended Binghamton University. I got my BS in Business Administration, and by the time I had graduated I had also managed to pay off my loans. I was using all the money I made from my hotel work to pay for the tuition.

Once I got my degree, I was also given a promotion in the hotel to become an assistant general manager before making the jump to general manager in a year. I spent a few more years there collecting as much money as I could while I lived with my mother and helped her out here and there. I wanted to save up to go to Cornell to get my master’s in hospitality management. I was the events manager by my fourth year with the hotel. My mother passed away that year and I decided that it was now or never for me to pursue my dream of getting my master’s. I sold the house and used my mom’s life insurance to pay off her debts. I kept the remaining amount to buy myself a studio in Ithaca and I left to work at the Statler Hotel at Cornell University.

27109894_s I didn’t get accepted to the program the first two times I tried, but I did my third time around. I started working for the hotel as their event planner. But once I got into the program, I was also given the opportunity to be an assistant hotel manager. I graduated two years later and I was promoted to the hotel manager. One of the first tasks I undertook as the hotel manager was changing the television and air conditioning equipment that needed upgrades. MDM Commercial offered us the best pricing for LG televisions and offered us the most competitive prices for air conditioning units.

Today, I am still in charge at Statler and I am loving every moment of it. I am lucky to have found my calling and I am proud to be part of the Cornell family.

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