Cleaning Out the Pipes

W22067512_shen I was a kid, my Dad always asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I used to tell him I wanted to be a garbage man because the guy was always friendly to me and he always got to ride on the back of the truck. I thought it was a cool job. A few years later he asked me what I wanted to be and I told him I wanted to be a sewer cleaner. He asked me why and I told him it was because the Ninja Turtles lived down in the sewers and I wanted to help them.

As you can tell, I was not your typical kid who wanted to be a NASA astronaut, which I think is a good thing. Not everyone should have big dreams of flying to the moon or being doctors, there are many levels in society and I think everyone should contribute their part to make each other’s lives better. I, for one, did not want to be the vet that my sister became or the lawyer that my brother became. Some parents might have seen it as a disappointment, but my parents were proud of the fact that I came to own my own company that dealt with excavation and sewer cleaning.

When you work for the City of Aventura municipality and own the company that does the sewer cleaning work in the area, you can bet that you would require a lot of man power. But, I won’t risk my men going down into a sewer to clean up when in this day and age there are tons of technological inventions that could do the dirty work for them. I have reliable friends who have helped me along the years and they work for Vac-Con. I buy my trucks from them to purchase my sewer cleaning trucks as well as my hydro excavators.

Y19267096_sou might be cringing at the idea of sewer cleaning, but let me tell you this: When you are sitting in your office or at home and your pipes are working well and your city is clean that’s because of the work I do. When you think about it, I am in there doing the dirty work for the city to make sure that you are getting your tax payer’s worth in cleanliness. The last thing you want is a backed up sewer, trust me.

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