Getting Cooked in the Florida Heat

4531535_sWhen I first moved to Ocala, Florida, I took the AC for granted. I had just started a job in the area after moving from Washington, D.C. I had recently graduated from university and this was my first big boy job. I moved out of my parents’ house and even though my mom hated that I was moving down to Florida (a million miles away from her, apparently), she was proud of me for making a move for myself. It was my first time out of the house. I had stayed home during my college years to help around the house.

I applied to several jobs a few months before graduating, but none of them would take in Washington. I made it to interviews, but I never made it past the second round. So, I decided to give a couple of jobs out-of-state a shot just to see if anything would come of it. And it did. I got a job in Florida after interviewing with them through Skype, they asked me to fly down one week to meet me in person. They paid for my flight, which was really nice and they offered me the job after giving me a mini tour of the area and the company.

So, I moved down about a month later once I had graduated and my parents gave me the money for a down payment for a studio. I loved the independence, but I did really miss my family. And I adopted two stray cats who would hang about my apartment front door. I think their family had left without them and it broke my heart. So I took them in.

35461506_sI used to leave my AC on during the day for my cats and because I was told you can get mold by not having your AC on. I didn’t have a landlord because I had bought my studio, so when the AC broke down I had no idea what to do. I looked all over for quick service, but everyone quoted me on coming out a few days after. I couldn’t bear the heat, I truly felt as though I were melting. So, I called Cook’s Air Conditioning & Heating Specialists. They were the most helpful. They came out the same day and took care of my AC. And they put me on their Gold membership plan to come and check it regularly. I have never been more grateful to a repair man in my life!

Giving Your Hotel An Upgrade

31355406_sI started off as a hotel concierge. It was my first job out of high school and I used the money to put myself through college. My mother couldn’t afford to help me pay for my college because she had debts of her own to cover. And I, unfortunately, had to take out student loans to cover my tuition. Thankfully, I was still able to live with my parents in Binghamton while I attended Binghamton University. I got my BS in Business Administration, and by the time I had graduated I had also managed to pay off my loans. I was using all the money I made from my hotel work to pay for the tuition.

Once I got my degree, I was also given a promotion in the hotel to become an assistant general manager before making the jump to general manager in a year. I spent a few more years there collecting as much money as I could while I lived with my mother and helped her out here and there. I wanted to save up to go to Cornell to get my master’s in hospitality management. I was the events manager by my fourth year with the hotel. My mother passed away that year and I decided that it was now or never for me to pursue my dream of getting my master’s. I sold the house and used my mom’s life insurance to pay off her debts. I kept the remaining amount to buy myself a studio in Ithaca and I left to work at the Statler Hotel at Cornell University.

27109894_s I didn’t get accepted to the program the first two times I tried, but I did my third time around. I started working for the hotel as their event planner. But once I got into the program, I was also given the opportunity to be an assistant hotel manager. I graduated two years later and I was promoted to the hotel manager. One of the first tasks I undertook as the hotel manager was changing the television and air conditioning equipment that needed upgrades. MDM Commercial offered us the best pricing for LG televisions and offered us the most competitive prices for air conditioning units.

Today, I am still in charge at Statler and I am loving every moment of it. I am lucky to have found my calling and I am proud to be part of the Cornell family.

Collecting Citrus in Florida

38006489_sI was 19 years old when I lost my father to cancer. It was the summer of 1971, and I had just finished my first year of college at the University of South Florida. I was studying electrical engineering, but I had to quit. My father owned a citrus grove in St. Petersburg and I had to take over. My younger sister, Jacklyn, who was only 14 at the time, and my mother, Linda, asked me to take over from Dad and not to sell the business. They didn’t have to ask me. I couldn’t imagine selling the place. It was where I grew up. It was where I became a man. It was part of the memories I had of my father.

I moved back home and set my mind on following in my father’s footsteps. He would have been upset that I had quit school to come back to the grove, but he would have been proud of me for taking care of the family. That much I believed. I had to. The farmhands began dropping like flies the summer of 1972. I had to start cutting them back because I couldn’t afford to keep them going with the little money we were making that year. We went from a 15-man group to a five-man group. Instead, I took the money that would have paid for their salaries for the rest of the year and invested it in a Petersen Citrus Loader. The loader helped us collect all the fruits we needed that year and for many more years. The Petersen, as we called it, lasted a long time and it helped us make it by.

I took care of mom while Jacklyn went off to college. She got a full scholarship and got a job as a waitress during her time at the University of South Florida. She studied biology because she wanted to become a doctor.12023871_s She wanted to help cure people of illnesses ever since Dad died. And she did. She now works in Seattle as a heart surgeon. She left Florida and didn’t come back until mom died in 1991. And I sold the grove that year and decided to open up a sandwich shop in Hollywood instead. It’s been successful, which I’m glad about. And I still go up to the grove when I get a chance.

Get Your Roll Formed

I48483471_s’m your average guy who dropped out of college and decided to start a construction company. I didn’t want to go through the corporate ladders and brown-nose my way to the top. I had no interest in any of that. I wanted to operate an honest business that would value its employees rather than seeing them as disposable sheep. So, I moved back in with my parents while I started my company. I began at the bottom with a few friends who needed to make a quick buck. I knew a few people since I had been working in the construction industry every summer since I was 16 in Indiana.

46671598_sWe would work for my buddy, Steve, and I told him that I wanted to start my own company. So, he gave me some helpful tips and he showed me the ropes. He even told me that he would join my company once we got started and got a few clients. He had mouths to feed and couldn’t just leave right away. I began the paperwork for my company and after a few years I had several clients that would frequently call us to get to work for them.

As the owner of a construction company, I have to keep an eye out for the best products. I pride myself on being able to deliver the highest quality service and products in the Boston area. The last thing I want on my hands is a lawsuit for negligence. But, more than that, I do not want to put my guys at risk of getting seriously injured. My men are like my family. So, when I meet with manufacturers I always check their products. I learned to do this early because of my Dad. He was a laborer and he taught me to always triple check everything and to take a person’s word with a grain of salt, especially a salesman.

31178921_sAbout 15 years ago, I decided to test out Roller Die’s products because they were in the manufacturing business for over 70 years. I have yet to be disappointed by any of their custom made parts and their ability to deliver through their custom roll forming process. They have been able to create any part we have needed that our clients have wanted custom made for their homes or buildings.

Safe and Reliable Security Systems

13237675_s A few years ago, my wife, Maggie, and I decided to move to Jacksonville after living in Chicago for several years. We met at the University of Chicago. She was in my microeconomics class. I sat in the back of the class, and she sat in the front of the class. She took notes, and I doodled. The teacher one day called on me and asked me to answer a question. A question he knew I couldn’t answer. He walked up to my desk and grabbed my notebook to see if I had taken any notes, but instead he saw my drawing of Maggie sitting at the front of the class with her hair swept to her left, her legs stretched and her ankles crossed. The professor just set the notebook back down and told me to meet him after class.

38163347_sOnce class was over, he sat me down and told me that the only reason he didn’t say anything was because I was top of the class in terms of exam grades. “So, it’s Ms. Granger that’s caught your attention more than my lecture?” he asked. I nodded half-heartedly. He told me that I was to sit next to her every day from now on out. I was shocked, but I didn’t argue with him. I sat next to her for the rest of the semester and we spoke more and more every day. It started off with “Hello” and became a relationship by the end of the semester. My last day of class, an exam day, I was first to finish my exam. I thanked my professor as I handed him my exam, he winked and smiled at me. And that was it.

42121923_sI told Maggie the story on our two-year anniversary when I gave her the drawing. I proposed to her that night and she told me that she was pregnant with our baby boy, Charles, named after our professor. Once Charles was born, Maggie’s mom and sister would take care of him while we were at school or work. We finished our degrees a year later and I got a really great job offer to move to Jacksonville. And Maggie insisted on getting camera surveillance and security systems installed in our first home. So, we contacted SAFE Inc. and they did a wonderful job installing everything plus testing and inspecting our fire alarm system. Maggie decided to take a year off to take care of Charles and to adjust to the new area. And we are expecting our second child in December. Charles is going to have a baby sister.

Get Your Company On the Map

After working for a landscaping company as the sales manager, I decided it was time for me to move on from being a pawn in a company. I wanted to make my mark on the world and offer clients and customers an honest day’s work. I wanted to get away from sitting at a desk all day and making calls. I wanted to be in the thick of it and make suggestions and decisions for clients while also helping bring their landscaping design to life in the Fort Lauderdale area.

46462619_sI decided to create my own company and I hired some of my former coworkers who wanted a change as well. We brought some our clients with us and we hired several workers who needed jobs from the previous company as well. I created the logo with help from a friend and the team helped come up with the name of the company. Now, it was time to put us on the map. I found Social Agency online and I decided to give them a shot. They were amazing in helping build me a website as well as place me on Google My Business and various other online networks. They also worked on SEO content for the website to make sure we were getting traffic.

My business was picking up past the few clients we had gathered and brought with us. We stretched from working solely in Fort Lauderdale to moving all the way down to Miami for commercial and residential clients. Because the business was doing so well, I decided to enroll for a university degree at Florida International University. I had never had the opportunity to do so because I could never afford it. I worked my way up through the ranks of the landscaping business because my father worked as part of one.

46051203_s This was finally my opportunity to advance my knowledge of the landscaping design industry by enrolling for the Landscape Architecture + Environmental and Urban Design (LAEUD) and dive deeper into my passion for designing landscapes. My team was supportive and they were perfectly capable of handling my part time studies at FIU. I would enroll in courses throughout the year while juggling my work life, school life and personal life. My wife and kids were proud of me and I was proud to show them that even at 42 an education was important. But, more than that I showed them that anyone can achieve success even if it is later in their life. I wanted them to understand that instant gratification is not the answer and that they would have to pay their dues over the years.

Cleaning Out the Pipes

W22067512_shen I was a kid, my Dad always asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I used to tell him I wanted to be a garbage man because the guy was always friendly to me and he always got to ride on the back of the truck. I thought it was a cool job. A few years later he asked me what I wanted to be and I told him I wanted to be a sewer cleaner. He asked me why and I told him it was because the Ninja Turtles lived down in the sewers and I wanted to help them.

As you can tell, I was not your typical kid who wanted to be a NASA astronaut, which I think is a good thing. Not everyone should have big dreams of flying to the moon or being doctors, there are many levels in society and I think everyone should contribute their part to make each other’s lives better. I, for one, did not want to be the vet that my sister became or the lawyer that my brother became. Some parents might have seen it as a disappointment, but my parents were proud of the fact that I came to own my own company that dealt with excavation and sewer cleaning.

When you work for the City of Aventura municipality and own the company that does the sewer cleaning work in the area, you can bet that you would require a lot of man power. But, I won’t risk my men going down into a sewer to clean up when in this day and age there are tons of technological inventions that could do the dirty work for them. I have reliable friends who have helped me along the years and they work for Vac-Con. I buy my trucks from them to purchase my sewer cleaning trucks as well as my hydro excavators.

Y19267096_sou might be cringing at the idea of sewer cleaning, but let me tell you this: When you are sitting in your office or at home and your pipes are working well and your city is clean that’s because of the work I do. When you think about it, I am in there doing the dirty work for the city to make sure that you are getting your tax payer’s worth in cleanliness. The last thing you want is a backed up sewer, trust me.

Finding the Right Air Conditioning Technician

33949710_sMoving to Jacksonville was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I moved there initially for college when I joined Jacksonville University. It wasn’t my first choice university, but I decided to move because they offered me a full scholarship. I didn’t have to a pay a dime for tuition and I got on campus housing. I was undecided on my major for the first year, but I knew that I wanted to go into psychology after taking a couple psychology courses. The way the mind works is just so compelling to me. Mind reading has always been the superhero power I have wanted and I think psychology is as close as it gets.

In the meanwhile, I picked up a job at Publix just so I could have some pocket money and because I was saving up to get a car. It was really hard getting around without a car. My parents said they would help me by letting me be on their insurance coverage and that they would pay for it as well. They also promised to help me make a down payment on a car since they didn’t have to spend a dime on my college education. And thankfully my younger brother was about 6 years off college and my older sister had joined the army and got a full ride to college as well.

33949714_sIn my second year at the university, I enrolled in a personality psychology course and that’s where I met my boyfriend Jamie. He sat next to me from the very first day and he always made funny comments in between the lecture. He always made me laugh and one day he asked me if I would go out with him. We went out and within six months we had moved in together off-campus. We moved into a cute little one-bedroom apartment, but our AC broke as soon we moved in. The landlord gave us the number to Waychoff’s Air Conditioning and told us to call them because they were good friends of his. They came to our apartment and fixed the AC in no time at all. As soon as they were gone, we sat right in front of it because the fan just did not cut it! Moving from Minnesota to Florida was a jump that I was ready for, but the heat was unbearable sometimes. My snowman genes were just not ready for the heat of that summer.

Jeremy Gibben

Hello! My name Jeremy Gibben, but you may call me Jerry. Ironically, my twin brother is Thomas. And yes, we did fight like cat and mouse, which leads me to the beginning of my story. The summer after we graduated from high school, we decided to take a trip to Greece. We went to the little town of Chania on the island of Crete. We had the most amazing two weeks spending most of our time chasing after girls as two 18 year olds would normally do. We spent lots of time in the water snorkeling, surfing, wakeboarding and deep water diving.

Well, the day we went diving was not the most pleasant experience. I decided that I was perfectly capable of handling the dive on my own. So, I decided to swim faster than we were told to get straight into exploring. About a 4 minutes into the dive, my mask turned red. I had searing pain in my ears and it felt like my tooth was going to explode. I had no idea what was happening. Tom saw that I was flailing and he came to my rescue. This was one of the rare occasions that the cat saved the mouse. We got onto the boat that had brought us out. We were rushed to shore and headed straight for the nearest hospital.

The bill for my silly adventure was over $6,000. Our jaws dropped because we didn’t have the money and we had never bought travel insurance. Tom called our dad and told him what happened. Our dad almost flew out to come kill me himself, but he let us use our emergency credit card to pay the bill.

After the incident, I got my first job as a travel insurance salesman. I spent about seven years with the company before venturing off and trying to give people like me the opportunity to travel and get affordable coverage. And so, here I am today to tell you about some of the benefits of travel insurance for all you naysayers.

Types of Travel Insurance Coverage

  • Medical: This would have definitely come in handy for me when I was in Greece. So, let’s say you’ve come down with a bad stomach bug on a tiny island or a jungle in Brazil, you’ll definitely want to have coverage to avoid out-of-pocket costs. Sorry, Dad.
  • Evacuation: God forbid a natural disaster occur or ISIS attack the Middle Eastern city you’re in, getting to a safe place in a time like that can be extremely frightening. Travel insurance can help you get out of harm’s way while covering the costs.
  • Cancellation: Honestly, this type of insurance will come in handy more than you can imagine. Imagine that a last minute knee injury ruins your trip, you’ll be able to get your money back for the travel arrangements.
  • Baggage: There’s nothing worse than losing your luggage, finding it damaged or having it stolen. You’ll at least be able to get some reimbursement for the new bathing suit you’ll need.
  • Death and dismemberment: Think of this as life insurance. This will help your family get a payout should you meet your fate.